No really, how are you?

How many times a day are you asked, “how are you?” Likely, it’s more times than you’d care to count (add +10 if you live on the west coast). And how many times do you answer the question honestly? It has become as common as a hello, and while it’s well-intended, it’s just not genuine.

As a pilates instructor, I was taught to ask every person, HOW DOES YOUR BODY FEEL TODAY. It’s an incredibly important question for me teaching you, but it’s also a question we should ask ourselves everyday.

Our bodies can tell us so much – tightness can equate to stress while a lack of feeling anything can be our body’s ultimate defense mechanism. Have you ever felt a wave of sleepiness suddenly rush over you during an uncomfortable situation? It literally feels like someone has just powered you off? Hello, defenses.

Days are busy and those computers-in-our-pockets sure can take up a lot of time, but can you spare 3 minutes? I try to do this short 3 minute check-in while I’m riding the bus a few times per week. Try it out.

3 Minute Check-in

  • If there are a lot of distractions where you happen to be, plug in your head phones and turn on some music.
  • Take 15 slow breaths.
  • While you breathe in and out fully, do you notice places in your body that seem to block the air? If so, try to focus on those areas.
  • Take another 15 slow breaths.
  • This time, try to focus on anything you felt from the first breaths you took. If there was tension, ask yourself why. If there was fear, let your self feel it. If there was sadness, be kind to yourself. If you don’t feel anything unusual, think about what you’re grateful for.
  • Slowly open your eyes…and smile.

You get the idea, it’s not rocket science, but please, take of yourself a little bit too – even if it’s just for three minutes.

So, how does your body feel today?

One Comment on “No really, how are you?

  1. omg, I tried to switch things up last night when I got home from work. Instead of the normal routine I asked my wife “How does your body feel today?”

    Holy smokes, that was an *awesome* night! Thanks Kerry for the advice!

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