Happy Birthday Joe

Photo by I C Rapoport at www.icrapoport.com

Photo by I C Rapoport at http://www.icrapoport.com

If only I could send Joe a birthday card this year. I would thank him for changing my back, my career, my posture and my life. Pilates has given me new friends, new cities and a never-ending passion for the study of movement.

I found pilates after a back injury. You’ll never truly appreciate your spine until you can’t move it anymore. I was obsessed after my first session despite it being messy and uncoordinated. You see, I’m an athlete and I’ve always been strong, but when it came time to lift my legs above the ground… forget it.

I often tell my clients that pilates is an extremely humbling body of work, but it will change your life forever.

Pilates will teach you how to move in the best way for your body. Since every body is different, there is no one way to move. It’s why pilates instructors are taught to “teach to the body in front of you.” Clients usually begin pilates for the workout – long, lean muscles, better posture, strong core; however, what they end up valuing most is the knowledge they gain about how to move.

Yes, walking into a pilates studio is intimidating, but trust me, you’ll love it. Here are some things to scope out before you choose a studio:

  • Do you research: Find a studio with instructors that have been certified in a 600 hour pilates program. Feel free to call and ask – it’s worth it to have a safe workout.
  • The goods: Make sure the studio has a reformer, cadillac (sports medicine table with springs), various barrels and pilates mats.
  • Start with a few privates – I know it’s pricey, but the method necessitates it. Ask for an intro special or access to an apprentice for lower rates.
  • Your instructor: You have to click with your instructor. It’s a give and take relationship – make sure you find someone you are comfortable with and that will ensure you have fun while working out!

Let me know how it goes!

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