Upside down


In my last post, I promised some news. Even I could not have imagined the news I’d be sharing this week. It has been a wild year so far with still so many changes ahead – hopefully all for the better.

My big announcement was that I’m pregnant, now 23 weeks! We had been trying to adopt a baby for over a year and we were not making any progress so we implemented the much more fun, plan b. We’re thrilled and so excited to meet our newest addition.

Apparently, that was not enough excitement and right into my second trimester, we got some bad news. My husband who has liver disease (PSC: primary sclerosing cholangitis) and ulcerative colitis was told he had to have his colon removed due to advanced dysplasia following a routine colonoscopy. It hit him and us pretty hard, but we didn’t have much time to process it all. Two weeks later he was in surgery.

The surgery was successful, however; his already overworked liver didn’t appreciate it. His liver numbers shot up and we discovered he was now eligible for a new liver through the Cleveland Clinic. Last year, we had started the process of getting wait listed in other regions. Unfortunately, California has one of the longest waits for a liver transplant so we didn’t have much choice than to start planning for surgery elsewhere.

After 10 days, he was released from the hospital to be rushed to the airport to fly to Cleveland. We’ve been in Cleveland a little over a week and are impatiently awaiting a call for an offer for a liver. He is still first on the list (your scores last one week through UNOS and then they have to report an updated number).

We moved from a hotel to a house yesterday and I’m thankful to have a kitchen and a best friend close by. We have amazing friends and family that serve as our cheerleaders. If you rock stars are reading this – THANK YOU for all the love and support. Even if we don’t answer our phones, we love hearing your voices and reading your texts and emails.

I knew pregnancy would be eventful and challenging for someone who felt so strongly about adoption, but I could have never dreamed up this story. And let me tell you, hospitals and hormones do not mix well.

This Mind Body Green article, 10 Truths Wise People Know, helps keep me grounded along with meditations and yoga (yes I can still do a headstand!).

I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated on Nick or at the very least let you know how I’m losing the daily pastry battle (never ever have I craved sugar this much).


17 Comments on “Upside down

  1. Sending you guys so much love and support. Xoxoxoxxo

  2. God certainly works in mysterious ways…..Kirk and I will keep you guys in our prayers. Praying for a successful surgery and healing for Nick, and praying for God to give you an extra dose of stamina and grace as you go through this trying time. We are thrilled to hear about the coming addition to your household.

  3. Kerry,
    Sending prayers and happy thoughts to you guys! I am so sorry to hear about Nick ‘ s health…Praying that a new liver gets to you quick!!
    So happy to hear about your happy news! Hormones are the worst. I wish I had some helpful advice…but sometimes just knowing it was the hormones making me feel crazy, sad, or angry was helpful. Take care Kerry :)

  4. Hang in there, lovely. Hugs for you, Nick, and baby bump and cheering on your little family from Dublin xxx

  5. Sending you, nick and the baby on the way lots of love and support. I think about you all often, and will continue to keep everyone in my thoughts. Love you guys! Xoxo

  6. All my love to you both (and baby!!) from the East coast~ Miss you

  7. Sending you love, prayers and positive vibes. You’re both strong, amazing people! Let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do.

  8. We are thinking about you both…….stay strong…..keep balanced…..Love you both

  9. So glad to get some news, sending prayers your way from south Tx

  10. Congrats on the baby and please tell Nick I’m thinking of him and praying for him!

  11. Your strength, humor and fortitude amaze me.. Your father’s and my cousin Renee had the same diagnosis… PSC, isn’t that ironic?, and she was the longest liver transplant ever. She was transplanted in her thirties an lived to see grandchildren. I wish same for you both!

  12. I just read all these updates! WOW girl. I can’t even imagine what you’re all going through. Sending so much love your way!! XO

  13. Sending so much love to you, Nick and bebekins. Life is what happens when you are making other plans, right? One day at a time and thinking of your bright, shiny smile!

  14. Dear family of three!
    Lots of love sent your way. This baby wants to be a Midwesterner!…;) your in our thoughts…

  15. kerry and nick….cleveland clinic is a magic place and our hearts are right there with you two as you go through this tough — but definitely ultimately successful — journey. we love you both, er, all three of you, xxxxcarolyn, kevin, grace and maire

  16. EVERYONE – Thank you so much for all the LOVE! Reading all of your comments made us feel more positive than ever. You are the best.

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