We’re back

DSC_0919We have loved hearing from all of you over the past few weeks. I wanted to let everyone know that we are back at home.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get an offer for a liver while Nick was at the top of the list for two weeks. Last week, his liver numbers improved (dropped) bringing his MELD score down and subsequently moving him back down on the list. Apparently, his liver isn’t ready to go just yet.

Nick is getting much better and is already looking forward to his follow-up surgery to reconnect his intestine and bid the bag adieu. We are looking into other transplant centers with lower waiting lists, mainly one in New Orleans and another in Charlotte. In case you’re curious, you’re MELD (model for end-stage liver disease) ranges from 0-40. UCSF seems to be transplanting around 34 and Cleveland is around 25, but they change all the time depending on demand.

Now, we’re just hoping a transplant and new baby do not coincide too close together.

More to come on working out while traveling and avoiding the great pastry battle.

Thanks for all of the love and support!


7 Comments on “We’re back

  1. Glad you are back home…we will continue to lift you all up in prayer for the perfect time and place for the transplant. I have another friend who is on the list, and the same thing happened to him….numbers improved and he dropped off….he is an “orange” now and is getting his care at the Mayo in Rochester, MN.

  2. Good news your home…so now I’m working on a theme fir Nick’s T shirt….” It’s all about that MELD”…… I know… I know!

  3. just wanted to drop a note and say I love you and you are all in our prayers.

  4. Thinking of you kerry. Hoping for the best for your husband. Congrats on the baby, wonderful news. Your family and belly are in my thoughts!

  5. Will continue to sends positive thoughts and prayers to all of you…mommom too!!

  6. Much Love & Prayers are being sent. It is Rock & Roll Music to my ears (Country) to Witt’s that Nick is better.
    God is Good and has many Blessings ahead for your Family. Kerry, your Love Shines – Nick you are Loved so!! We will continue to lift all three of you up in Prayer. XXOO💟

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