My favorite pre-natal workouts


For the first time while traveling, I became really frustrated with my workouts. It was still super cold in Cleveland so I couldn’t (ok maybe wouldn’t) walk. I’ve relied on the Nike Training Club App and these go-to workouts, but there just not working as well with my new body. I end up having to adjust the exercises so much, I barely follow the workout.

I tried a bunch of pre-natal workout options and none of them gave me a true workout (or even a little burn which is all I’m looking for). I have even been stubborn and attending a lot of classes not meant for pre-natal ladies. What I learned is that the normal fitness junkie would have a to have a ton of knowledge to modify the workouts because it’s just too much for an instructor to give you the attention you would actually need in class (so please be careful mamas!).

Here are my pre-natal go-to workouts:

  • Hatha yoga – Pre-natal yoga is great, but let’s be honest, it’s not much of a workout. I took a two hour pre-natal yoga seminar from The Pad Studios and it was the best $45 I could have spent. It taught me how to be safe and continue practicing yoga. The flow classes are a bit too much for me personally so I’ve been going to hatha classes which holds the poses a bit longer and is a more intentional pace. These were my favorite tips:
    • Twisting is OK, but twist while keeping your torso open. That means you’ll likely be twisting the opposite direction of everyone else in class. If you think you are crunching your baby – you are crunching your baby!
    • Widen your stance when in doubt. As you grow, your center of gravity shifts making balancing particularly challenging. Stand with your feet hip width apart instead of together. For hip opener stretches, widen your leg to the side more than you would think. In humble warrior, bow towards the center instead of next to your leg. Etc.
    • Squat – just squat all the time. Low squat, high squat, open leg squat – just do it. Squats build those magic pelvic floor muscles and the low squat will release them. I’ll let you think through the benefits of both.
  • Swimming – This along with maternity clothes has completely changed my pregnancy. To feel weightless is indescribable right now. Head to your nearest pool, trust me. I started swimming 2,000 yards (or 80 laps) twice a week and feel great.
  • Spinning – Ok, this one is getting harder. I plant myself in the back because I can’t seem to keep the beat with all those gorgeous 20-somethings, but I feel great after and the arm weight component serves as a good break in between all the pedaling.
  • Pilates – Of course I’m still doing pilates! I plan to post a side kick series video shortly and there’s still a lot I am able to do. I still do abdominal work with a shorter range of motion. While it might not be for everyone especially pilates newbies, it feels great to access those muscles. Note: talk to a trainer before you decide to do pre-natal ab work (you do have to be careful of your rectus abdominis muscles). 

And please stretch! It makes all the difference in the world.

Happy pre-nataling.

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