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Monthly Archives: March 2016

  I did not expect working out to change much after I had my baby. I was certain I could still squeeze in 20 minute workouts after he went to bed or during naps. Well … I could not have been more wrong. Oh and that first workout back – I can’t even explain how hard that felt. What I didn’t anticipate is that this beautiful, alert, head strong little baby would… Read More

Exactly seven months after my baby was born, I’m back. I’m proud to introduce Knox who as it turns out, is also a mover. Becoming parents has not been easy, but we’re finally feeling a bit more like ourselves these days. More on that later, but more importantly, it’s March. That means March MATness. 31 days of pilates. I’m excited on all levels. I’m working, pumping and spending time with my babe… Read More