I can finally say, “This is the best”

You guys,

You know how everyone always says, “having kids is the best” and “isn’t it just the most incredible thing that has ever happened to you.”

To be honest, I just didn’t get it.

Was it better than when we travelled to Croatia? No. Was it better than our wedding? Nope. Was it better than dancing in a gold lame’ one piece? Of course not. Compared to traveling the world, eating at amazing restaurants, going to new workout classes all over the city and socializing, I just couldn’t imagine it ever being better.

And then suddenly, it was the best.

I can’t tell you the day it happened or even the month, although I think there is a strong correlation with sleeping.

What I can tell you is that I’d go to bed and think, I can’t wait until he wakes up at 5:30am so I can play with him again. I’d look at him and feel like he is the most fun human I’ve ever met. I’m so happy around him, it feels silly and cliche’…. and awesome.

Honestly, I’m a bit relieved to have this experience because I was really beginning to wonder why parenting felt so different for me. I’d ask my partner-in-crime, “do you think it’s the best?” I needed him to be my gut-check to make sure I wasn’t missing something important.

And I know there will be a lifetime of moments when it’s the best and when it isn’t the best. From what I’ve heard the threenager is not the best.

So for now, I’m trying to enjoy my “it’s the best moment” and engrain the memories into my brain.

More importantly, if you’re having an “it’s not the best” moment, you’re not alone. And I’m now quite certain there is a lot of us out there. Loosing freedom is serious business and while there are certainly a lot of perks, we still have to adjust to the massive change that is parenting.

But then there’s this – his first time on a swing.




3 Comments on “I can finally say, “This is the best”

  1. Aw, I could watch that video of him all day! Glad you are having a joy of parenting breakthrough! And sleep always helps.

  2. It’s the gift that keeps giving! Wait till you’re a Grandma!

  3. I love this entry and it has been so very fulfilling being a part of your journey. Thanks for sharing.

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