Satisfying my sweet tooth without sugar

We all know sugar is the devil and it’s in everything. Over the years, I have completely cut out sugar which not only required an enormous amount of will power, but loads of preparation so I had other choices when I got hangry.

I was supposed to start a cleanse yesterday, however, I just couldn’t get everything prepped. Truth be told, I spent the time hanging out with my family than prepping for a cleanse which is just what I needed.

Instead, I just cut out sugar. I’m still eating fruit, but the no-sugar headache has already set in (that’s when you know it was bad). And yeah, I’m really proud of me too. Anyone want to join me?

So how in world can this be done when you have a huge sweet tooth (read sugar addiction). It’s going to take loads of will power, but here’s how I try to curb the sugar.

First, drink water and grab protein if you can. It’s not a scam. Eat. Real. Food.


Cinnamon and nutmeg in my morning coffee. Seriously makes a big difference. If you use a milk alternative like me, make sure you buy unsweetened and read the label because they love to add sugar.

Eat fruit. Try a banana or an apple. Berries are the best though and lucky for us, it’s strawberry season!

Grab a protein bar. I usually grab a Lara bar that doesn’t have any sugar (read the ingredients – they are not all sugar-free). I had been eating Quest bars up until this week. FYI – they use fake sugar (sucralose and stevia) which tastes funny. Also, sucralose (think Splenda) is not so good for you so do your research.

Almond butter. This usually satisfies my craving. I put it on an apple or a cracker (bonus if I make my own crackers with almond flour).

Yogurt. We make yogurt at home with the Donvier yogurt maker. It’s super easy and we get to control the type of milk (organic whole or half and half from a local farm). A cup of yogurt is a great afternoon snack especially if you add nuts or berries.

If you’re trying to cut down on sugar, here are some ideas for lower sugar snacks:

Make desserts sweetened with honey instead of sugar. On a good week, we’ll bake something sweet so we don’t come back from the store with ice cream. We often use The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook but the author has a lot of recipes on her website too! I scour my favorite Paleo blogs and pin my favorites. Check out my dessert board.

Drink a glass of chocolate almond milk. This always satisfies my sweet tooth.

Buy dark chocolate. Drink with red wine. Enjoy.

Tea with honey. ok this only works some of the time, but it’s worth a shot.

Share any tips you have. Please and thank you.


5 Comments on “Satisfying my sweet tooth without sugar

  1. Glad to see this happening! It is a big feat to give up sugar. This is how I live my life and am always happy to see people taking on this huge endeavor! I also like to use sour to help with my sweet tooth, a little apple cider vinegar and lemon in warm water at night can help with the 8pm sweet attack. Also, 100% dark baking chocolate for some reason, even though there is no sugar, helps with the chocolate cravings~

    Good luck!

  2. Good luck with giving up sugar that’s pretty impressive! I have a terrible sugar addiction and really want to work on that so this was helpful!

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