Summer Leg Series

Hello Summer Beauties!

It’s been a busy June vacationing and playing, however, I recruited some family members to help me film my Summer Leg Series*.

Try the workout and let me know what you think! Next upĀ is an arms workout to fulfill my maid of honor duties.

Thanks for working out!


*The Summer Leg Series was created by one of my mentors, Melissa Marks. If you’re ever in NYC, go take a session from her. Your body will be forever changed!

6 Comments on “Summer Leg Series

  1. Kerry, great job. This was really hard with my right leg. Must be weaker, but I did it!!! Thanks!

  2. Aunt Nila and Aunt Lena just did it…we just can’t get off the floor at the moment….lol

    • LOL wish I were there! I’d help you up or bring you a drink….not sure which one. Love you guys

  3. Kerry, l just did the summer leg series. I was a little weaker on the right toi but did it all. love it, thanks

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