7 Health Trends to Follow in 2017

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Happy New Year beauties!

Last year was all about adjusting to a new life with a baby and keeping my husband healthy. 2017 is all about making the best choices to pursue the life I want to live. And I CANNOT wait for it.

The nutrition and fitness world are making some big strides forward as well. They are intersecting more than ever, which duh – why’d it take so long?

Here are some trends I’ve been following and think you should too.

  • Alternatives to medication: Now that 26 states have legalized marijuana in some form, the medical research world is slowing gaining insight into the medical benefit. My husband’s doctors are talking about it more (but cannot legally recommend it) and really like having an alternative to Class 1 narcotics. To have a more mild yet successful pain management alternative seems like a no-brainer. Speaking of Class 1 drugs, CBD oil unfortunately got added to the list. While it’s great in the form of validation, it’s not so great in the form of accessibility. My husband has tried it and loved the benefits. The list seems to be growing – read Ben Greenfield’s summary of benefits.
  • No sugar: This one has been on my radar (and every other fitness/nutrition enthusiast) for years, but it thankfully continues to gain momentum. A big game changer in our house was eating more fat and using a Monk fruit sugar when we “need it.” Check out Lakanto for the sugar. If you need motivation to stop the sugar, pick up a book, watch a documentary on Netflix or listen to some nutritionists on podcasts. The evidence is terrifying.
  • Fat-Fat-Fat: You guys, this is taking a while to go mainstream, but all of the progressive food science makes a critical case to eat good fat, stop cooking with most oils (use ghee, coconut oil and animal fat) and ensure you are getting omega 3s. Eat avocados, olive oil (uncooked), omega 3 and 6s, coconut oil and butter and ghee pretty please.
  • Mind space: Our world is getting faster, more productive and thus more stressful. More than ever, people need to take time to be a little introspective, scan your body, breathe and check in with yourself. Start with 5 minute meditations or set a timer and just sit and breathe. It’s totally fine if your brain thinks 1,000 thoughts – just notice and breathe. I use the Headspace to squeeze in a 10 minute meditation during my commute. My husband listens to Holosync audio therapy which induces the brain wave patterns of deep meditation. I’ve tried it and love it too.
  • SLEEP: 8 hours, go. It heels your heart, blood vessels and your brain. New parents, hang in there – hopefully your babes will sleep soon – and yes, it’s as good as you remember it.
  • Heart rate: Know your resting heart rate and know how to push it to a safe level. I’m purchasing a heart rate monitor this year so I can keep better track during my workouts. Orange Theory actually taught me a lot about monitoring my heart rate throughout my workout. I love HITT workouts and how it’s designed to increase your heart rate for a controlled amount of time to benefit for a longer length of time. Time is extremely scarce these days. I can’t swim for an hour + more than one day a week so these are critical for keeping me healthy (and sane).
  • Core muscle strength: I’m a pilates instructor so of course I’m going to say core right? But here’s my slant this year. First, your core are not just your abs – it’s every muscle from your shoulders to your hips. Second, how many people complain about pain these days? It’s NOT NORMAL! I watch everyone’s bodies and most people duck walk (toes out) and don’t or can’t stand up straight. It’s a serious problem that standing desks alone will not solve. Slow, intentional exercises to strengthen your core are essential. You may not sweat as much as you do in Soul Cycle, but if you do it right, I promise to get a few beads of sweat out of you and a much stronger body. If you can’t get to a studio, try Pilates Anytime – it’s awesome for every level.

Please feel free to add more to the list! I’m always interested.


6 Comments on “7 Health Trends to Follow in 2017

  1. I would say some time in nature without technology is another good one. Very important to detox from technology. Nice list!!! I love them all.

    • Yes I definitely find that one necessary! I’m always nervous to talk about it since we’re in the hub :)

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