My Pilates kid: Teaching kids about healthy, strong bodies

I love that my son is a Pilates kid. I love that he already asks to teach me Pilates (which consists of telling me to lift my legs and arms). He knows the studio and can’t wait to reach the footbar on the reformer.

I want him to be in his body; something I personally rely on heavily. To be able to feel off in my body and connect it with what’s going on in my life mentally has been invaluable. And something I would have likely ignored if it had just been in my head (it’s actually a super power of mine).

However, I am also very aware of teaching him about positive body image for boys, girls, men and women. I think it’s equally important for girls and boys to appreciate all bodies. I don’t want my son to have unrealistic images of how bodies should look, but if I’m honest, I’m always striving to be fitter, stronger and healthier.

What’s the line between teaching a healthy lifestyle, but not teaching them about unrealistic body images? I’m not too worried at two, but it’s something I keep in the back of my mind.

We spend a lot of time talking and putting effort into our food, we climb and hike as a family and we try to avoid celebrating with sugar. So far it’s been manageable, but we are still the sayers in this relationship (lucky us). Is it enough to talk about healthy vs unhealthy or is it just as important to talk about issues in our fitness world that aren’t healthy or realistic?

One of my biggest goals is to be fully happy in my own body so my son can feel the same way about his. When I see myself in the mirror I try to remember all the incredible things my body has done and continues to do so it replaces any negative whispering in the background.

P.S. I’m also convinced that my son is extra bossy due to the fact that he heard me teaching all day while I was pregnant. Any other teachers find that to be the case?!?!

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