Transitions are hard.


Oh hi, yep, it’s me! I only fell off the face of the Earth a little. Truth is, we moved to L.A. for Nick’s job, got knocked up, attempted to unsuccessfully work at nap times and evenings, and have been transitioning to our massive and disorienting new city. But I find myself missing this Pilates/fitness/happy piece of my life. So I’m back. If I could high-five myself I would.

Here is what I know for certain. Transitions are H.A.R.D. and it feels harder when kids are involved. I imagined exploring Los Angeles with my lovely, well-behaved toddler, but in reality, tantrums, potty training, and a lack of sleep (ugh toddler bed) have completely thrown me off my center. I finally have a Pilates session on the calendar for the first time since moving.

Transitions are a big part of the Pilates repertoire as well. As you become a more advanced Pilates student, you begin to learn how to smoothly transition from one exercise to the next. This allows your session to be continuous and thus more difficult – no more breaks. Try it out – no talking, no stopping, no delayed counting….just moving.

While subtle, this transition is a game changer for your body. Similarly, life transitions can bring monumental change. This post is a reminder to step out of the details to be kind to yourself, stand in the sun, take a breath, and to be proud of what you are doing.

And if you happen to be a parent, I’m going to leave this reminder right here for you, “You’re not doing it wrong, it’s just that hard.”

It’s tough, but we’re tougher. Thanks for sticking with me here, xoxo.

6 Comments on “Transitions are hard.

  1. So excited for number two! The only thing constant is change! It’ll get better, 😘

      • …but you also might be doing it wrong..JK! Kidding! You are all killing it! It’s really just a crap shoot, just like potty training.

  2. Kerry, thanks for sharing this in email. I enjoy your writing. I also love Knox’s Rosy cheeks in his pictures. Love you! Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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