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I imagine this is one of the more frustrating phrases I say as a Pilates instructor, “move, but don’t move*.” Say what??? Let me explain… Pilates is always trying to create more space in the body – we’re the gravity fighters. We are all loosing space within our vertebrae (spine) as we age. One of main goals of Pilates is to always have an oppositional pull. So even if you’re sitting, your… Read More

Many people don’t realize that Pilates comes from the founder, Joseph Pilates, and that it has been taught since the early 1900’s. Mr. Pilates wrote a book in 1945 titled Return to Life, which described 34 mat exercises. Every March, the Pilates community dedicates each day to one or two exercises. I decided to film each day. Even though it only took a minute or two, I felt better than I had… Read More

2017 Health and fitness trends from a pilates instructor

I’m often asked what my workout routine is each week. I benefit from a calming effect post-workout which makes me very motivated to move most days. I’m hoping you can benefit from some of the ideas below. Two editorial notes. 1. I don’t belong to a gym at the moment – my schedule is too hectic to predict and I’ve been loving trying out new workouts; 2. I avoid running and jumping… Read More